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About Scali Bracelets

Scali Bracelets is co-owned and co-founded by Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli's Brother, who is a

jewelry collector and enthusiast, wanted to create a custom designed and handmade high-quality

product, to relate to verity of high-end jewelry fans from all over the world.

Scali Bracelets are designed and created in a workshop located in the Israeli Diamond District, which

is one of the most famous, high-volume and reputable diamond districts in the world.

Scali Bracelets employs highly experienced designers, which have gained their knowledge and

expertise in the most known institutions and by working for lead brands, endeavoring to always

upgrade and establish new trends.

Each Scali Bracelet is personally handmade for you from premium materials, carefully assembled

with strict production procedures, with special emphasis to design and style, all in order for you to

enjoy your product.

Scali Bracelets is owned by Scali Bracelets Ltd. (company number 515243236), a company

incorporated in the state of Israel.

Address: Bezalel St. 3, Diamond District, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Telephone: +972-50- 6666-691.